(Left to Right)

Amanda Rootes
Vocals, Guitar
Angie Adams
Bridget Jones
Helen Storer

Fluffy :: The all-girl punk band from London. Sadly, they split up towards the end of the 90s. But the good news is ALL of the girls are now working on other projects...

Amandawent on to form Harlow, their debut album, HarlowLand is out now. They also participated in the VH1 reality TV show 'Bands on the Run'.
Helenjoined Jack Off Jill for a while, but is now in Thee Heavenly Music Association where she is writing, singing and playing guitar.
Angie & BridgetHave formed an all girl-band called Darling. They are based in London and Angie is on vocals
Special thanks to Jamie Roberts at The Enclave, Richard Swenson, Jennifer Cabla, Christian Schmook, Amanda Rootes and Helen Storer for contributions to this page.
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18 Feb 03
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